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September 5, 2012

My Journey into Spiritual Direction

Over recent weeks my blogs have been an attempt to help readers understand more about spiritual formation, particularly spiritual direction. My focus has been on leaders, particularly those in ministry, because I have seen the risks to the emotional and spiritual health of those who serve in these roles.  (I think I understand the world […]

August 22, 2012

How We Lost Spiritual Direction In The Protestant Tradition

I have written a fair bit about the importance of spiritual direction in recent blogs.  It might be helpful to highlight an important issue in this journey: How did we lose the ministry of spiritual direction in the church? In his book, Care Of Mind/Care of Spirit, Gerald May writes, “Protestants have almost no tested […]

June 4, 2012

What is spiritual direction?

Source: via Sohini on Pinterest   I remember the first time I walked into the office of my spiritual director and wondered exactly what the experience would be like. I had read books by leading Christian authors who mentioned spiritual direction, but I really had no working knowledge of what this spiritual discipline might […]

June 4, 2012

Every Leader Needs A Spiritual Director

Welcome to the SoulFormation blog! I look forward to using this space to share and discuss with each of you. I hope you’ll join the conversation both here and on Twitter. For more information on me (Morris) or on SoulFormation, see the tabs above.                                                                                      Source: Uploaded by user via Kat on Pinterest   Most […]

September 12, 2012

Systemic Issues And Ministry Fallout

Source: via Julie on Pinterest   In recent years we see more and more books and articles on ministry disillusionment and burnout.  The reason for this is because there truly is a high rate of “fall out” in the world of Christian leadership.  If we hope to address this sad reality we have to […]

August 15, 2012

How To Be A Soul Friend

Source: via Allie on Pinterest   The Apostle Paul offers many clues in his writings regarding the nature of spiritual direction. He knows what it means to be a soul friend to others and he models it for all of us to see. A primary text that provides insight for those who desire to […]

August 1, 2012

Leaders with Soul Friends

Recently I sat with a very close friend and lead pastor in his mid thirties. The church is doing well in every way. However, at his pastoral staff meeting earlier that day he broke down and reported that, “things are happening inside of me that never happened before.” In tears, he admitted that the challenges […]

July 5, 2012

Christian Leadership: Checking your motivation (Part IV)

This is the fourth and final blog in a four-part series dealing with motivations in ministry.  With the help of Ignatius of Loyola (a 16th century leader), we will track down what he referred to as “inordinate attachments.”  In our contemporary world of ministry there are dangerous driving forces that often remain hidden and unchecked […]

June 19, 2012

A Strategy for Sustainable Ministry

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest   Sustainable… it’s a buzzword these days.  Everywhere we look our society is challenging practices that, once acceptable, are now seen as counterproductive.  It’s also true in the world of the church.  More and more Christian leaders run out of gas before they see the finish line.  The way […]

June 11, 2012

Experiential Union With Christ

                                                                                    Source: via Mary on Pinterest   If you were to pick a “patron saint” – someone from church history that you really admire – who would it be? I’m going with Ignatius of Loyola. Here’s why. The driving heartbeat, which remains central to everything Ignatius desired, is to foster was experiential union with […]